North Yell Development Council offer a number of small and large scale grants for individuals, groups and businesses.

  • Education and Training GrantsChevron-right

    The Education and Training Grants scheme was developed to meet objectives b and c: “advance education among the residents of the Community, particularly among young people and the unemployed” and/or ”promote and/or provide training in skills of all kinds, particularly such skills as will assist residents of the Community in obtaining paid employment”

    Education and Training Grants are limited to 50% of course fees up to a maximum of £500 per course per year. For example, if a course costs £2,000, NYDC’s contribution would be capped at £500. The term ‘course fees’ covers the cost of lessons/coaching and any examinations that are part of the course

    Courses eligible for these grants are for personal development either socially, academically or vocationally. Statutory workplace courses will not be considered, as your employer should cover this cost. Applicants must be ordinarily resident in North Yell i.e. North Yell is where they live for most of the year.

    Applications submitted retrospective (i.e. after the course/training has occurred) will not be considered. Applications that are submitted, but which are not assessed prior to the commencement of the training will still be considered.

    Maximum grant of 100% of course fee cost. This is capped at a maximum of £500 per year. individuals must be ordinarily resident in North Yell.

    Application Form

  • Entertainment GrantChevron-right

    The Entertainment Grants scheme was developed to meet objective d: “To promote, establish and operate schemes of a charitable nature for the benefit of the Community”

    This grant is designed to enable groups to put on events that take place within, are open to and benefit the community of North Yell. In particular the Board recognises that the cost of bringing entertainment to our community could be seen as prohibitive, if the group wishing to put on the event has to make a full cost recovery. Therefore, a group may apply for funding of up to a maximum of £750 per event, which should be strictly used for costs associated with that event only. For example, this may include band hire, room hire, transport, food and accommodation etc. If the event is being held to raise funds for charities outwith our community, this must be stated in the application and it should be made clear how this will be of benefit to North Yell or if members of the North Yell community have benefitted personally from the charity. Applications requiring over £750 can be considered under the Community Grants scheme.

    Maximum of £750 per event.

    Application Form

  • Young Persons Travel ExpensesChevron-right

    Bursary awards will cover 100% of return ferry passenger travel expenses on SIC ferries for young people under the age of 26, to enable the applicant to attend eligible events. Funding is available up to a maximum of £560 per person per year for applicants aged over 19, and £160 for those aged under 19.

    An eligible event is one that has been organised by a recognised or established group or individual and open to attendance by North Yell residents. The defining age limit for a young person is in line with that set by the Scottish ‘Young Scot National Entitlement Card’ and therefore may be subject to change. Proof that the applicant holds a Young Scot National Entitlement Card will be requested.

    Applicants must be ordinarily resident in North Yell i.e. North Yell is where they live for most of the year.

    Application Form

  • Community GrantChevron-right

    This grant scheme is designed for projects that;

    • Have direct benefit to North Yell residents
    • Contribute to the charitable objectives of NYDC and/or
    • Fit well with the key themes of the North Yell Development Plan or identified priorities

    The Community Grants scheme can fund projects between £750 and £50,000 at a maximum of 80% of the total cost of the project. The Board may fund more or less than 80% at their discretion.

    Small-scale grant applications between £50 and £750 can be funded to a maximum of 100%, provided it is the first or only application submitted by an organisation within an NYDC financial year.

    Community Grants are considered between £50 and £50,000. NYDC will fund a maximum of 80% of the total cost of a project in this scheme for projects over £750 and 100% for projects under £750.

    Application Form

  • Investment SchemeChevron-right

    The Investment Scheme is available for large, one off and unique projects that are beyond the limits of the Community Grant scheme, i.e. over £50,000. Applications will be considered throughout the year and will be assessed by a Financial sub-group, with the final decision on approval made by the Board. Investment Budget Grants will cover a maximum of 80% of costs. It is however at the Board’s discretion to fund more or less than 80%.

    Large, one-off, unique projects over £50,000. Maximum of 80% of cost.

    Application Form

Please note that all grant schemes have limited funds and projects will be prioritised. Therefore, even if funding criteria are met, there is no guarantee that applicants will receive all or any of the funds applied for.

In addition, applicants are expected wherever possible to lever in external funding. Projects will only be solely funded by NYDC where they are of significant benefit to our community, and no alternative funding can be identified.

Applications should be made for the minimum amount of funding required, and those that also lever in other external funding and/or have a contribution from the applicant will be viewed more favourably.