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The CNI Project is a Scottish Government commitment that aims to demonstrate the climate-resilience and low carbon potential of islands by 2040. The project will help to deliver key commitments in the National Islands Plan and the National Performance Framework, create island-based jobs, and support islands to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The project aims to align with wider net-zero and decarbonisation efforts and will contribute to the Scottish Government’s target to reach net zero by 2045.

Yell Climate Action Plan

The Yell Climate Action Plan was written in 2023 and is an audit of the current carbon usage of Yell and an Action Plan for how Yell can meet net zero goals in 2040.

Read the Yell Climate Action Plan

Sustainable Agriculture

Progress has been made in Yell's project to establish growing areas and polytunnels, with the aim of eventually providing facilities in five different areas across the isalnd. The polycrubs, constructed by a community group in the north Shetland Mainland, are being made from waste and by-products of the salmon farming indusrty, contributing to the reduction of food miles and the promotion of local food production.

Resilience Hubs

A significant scheme is underway involving the creation of 'resilience hubs' at seven locations. These hubs, utilizing local halls are being equipped to provide warmth, communications and support for the commuity during adverse weather events.

Follow the Resilience Hubs Facebook page.


Responsible waste disposal is being promoted through the organisation of three skip days over the next five months, with the intention of encouraging the community participation in proper waste management.


The largest factor in Yell's carbon output, stemming from emissions from degraded peatland, is being addressed. Aerial surveys are being collated and commissioned to accurately assess and predict the extent of these emissions. Collaboration with marine biology experts at the North Atlantic Fisheries College is ongoing to evaluate the role of Blue Carbon in marine ecosystems.


Renewable Energy

Various possibilities are being explored by Yell, including the provision of solar panels for local shops and public buildings. Efforts are also directed towards the improvement of insulation and heating systems in the housing stock of the island.

Sustainable Transport

Means to reduce the transport carbon footprint of Yell are actively being investigated. A tunnel network, favoured by many residents is being considered as a potential replacement for the carbon-intensive ferry system, aligning with the island's commitment to sustainability.

Read the Unst and Yell Tunnel Action Groups report here.

Like the Unst and Yell Tunnel Action facebook page here.

Yell Scrap Store

The Whalefirth Men's Shed, based in Mid Yell, are opening a new scrap store. They will be able to take in, refurbish and renovation second hand furniture and give it a new lease of life.