Development plan

NYDC recently completed a community consultation to inform the new development plan.

The main priorities identified were:

  • Improved connectivity
  • Quality jobs
  • Warm accommodation
  • Attracting people to live in North Yell
  • Increased renewable energy

The main development projects were identified as:

  • Childcare provision
  • Community skips
  • Support for transport
  • Support for socialising
  • NYDC office/community hub
  • Support for local business start up

In recent years NYDC has played a very active role in the economic and social development of the area including:

  • Completion of a 4.5 MW community windfarm at Garth. This represents an £8.3m investment by NYDC in an asset which will bring benefit to the community of North Yell for many years to come.
  • Construction of a 10 site extension to the industrial estate at Cullivoe Harbour, with all sites
    already let to local businesses and employers. Scheduled for opening in Summer 2023.
  • Construction of a 28 berth marina, for commercial, recreational and tourism vessels, opened in May 2022. Almost all available berths are already allocated, with 5 berths kept for visitor use. The marina will include an amenity building with toilet, shower and laundry facilities, as well as a store for electric bikes, which is scheduled for completion in Summer 2023.
  • Delivery of coronavirus survival kits to community households.
  • Purchase of electric bikes and securing funding to commence Britain’s most northerly Parkrun.
  • Securing of funding for a 2 year social inclusion programme to Get North Yell Going Again. With over 50 registered members from across the community, and an active board of 12 directors, NYDC is well placed to create this 5 year Community Development Plan for North Yell.
  • Delivery of an Energy Grant Support Scheme providing £400 of grant assistance to all permanent residencies in North Yell.

Read the full development plan here