Annual General Meeting. NYDC is a charitable organisation which has been running since the 1940s with the aim of supporting residents of North Yell. Anyone, over 18 years of age and living in North Yell is very welcome to become a member. At present we have over 50 members but the more members we have the more representative we can be of the community. Application forms are available from R.S. Hendersons shop, from our website or from any directors.

So come along to the AGM and find out what has been happening and what our plans are for the year ahead!

North Yell Development Council

The North Yell Development Council is one of Shetlands oldest and most successful community development organisations.


Many of the early records of the Development Council have been lost, so the actual formation date is unclear. However the group was initially formed either during World War II or very soon after.

North Yell

The historic boundary of the North Yell Development Council is East of a line drawn between the head of Gloup Voe in the North and Basta Voe in the South.

North Yell is home to the Cullivoe Harbour and the Cullivoe Harbour Industrial Estate